About Firebase

Danny P.

A FireBase is a military forward operating base also known in my circles as a FOB. FireBase’s are located at the foreword edge of the battle field, right in the middle of bad guy country. The mindset while living and working on a FireBase is very different than most jobs in life. On a FireBase, physical training along with honing tactical skills are an everyday norm. We do not just go through the motions, what we do is a way of life and needed to prevail in the fight.

Between my trips home, I found a huge void in the level of training and mindset. The local global gym just wasn’t enough, I needed to be around people of like mind, people that seek to have their abilities, skills and mindset tested daily. I came to the realization if I wanted this culture and way of life, I would have to foster it, be the one to set the wheels in motion.

In spring 2008, my wife and I set out on our journey to bring this idea to the Orlando area. We started in a relatively small box and watched the community quickly grow. We have the pleasure of serving so many members who have become our extended family. We have also had the privilege of mentoring several members and trainers with their dreams of developing like minded communities.

FireBase is one of the best equipped facilities in the area but most importantly is the staff that brings you the services. Our full and part time training staff are dedicated to ensuring quality of service and training. Recently I had a chance to reflect on the past several years and came to the realization that one of my favorite Proverbs holds very true…. ” As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another” Proverbs 27:17. We have seen so many come thinking they were weak and not ready to be tested, only to be strengthened through the encouragement and commitment of their fellow athletes. Now those same people are leading others down the same path.

Best Regards and Semper Fi,

Danny and Raquel P